Kit for Instrumental Insemination of Queen Bees

Kit for Instrumental Insemination of Queen Bees

The kit for instrumental insemination of queen bees contains the basic elements for the work of the inseminator (instrumental insemination operator):

  1. Stereoscopic microscope with magnification of x10-x40, with dynamic zoom;
  2. Lighting which is attached to the microscope itself (a LED lamp on the flexible stand);
  3. Aluminum 4 liter CO2 gas cylinder and high pressure regulator;
  4. PVC pipes, which connect balloon gas equipment to the insemination equipment;
  5. Glass flask for dispensing gas supplied to the queen bee during the insemination;
  6. The apparatus for instrumental insemination and a set of fiberglass cannulas for holding queen bees on the apparatus;
  7. Syringe station for sperm collection and feeding, with 35 cm silicone tube, extra rubber grip kit and a glass flask;
  8. 2 glass capillary tubes with 80 μl capacity;
  9. A tube for washing of capillary tubes;
  10. Capillary stand for the collection of sperm in a drone with a syringe station


All equipment is tested in practice is easy to disinfect and has a 1 year warranty.

The materials for the main body of the kit are made of stainless steel and dural, some parts are made of fluoroplast and durable plastic.

The kit is assembled on your order.
Payment details and terms are discussed individually.

The price for the instrumental insemination kit is 1200 € (Euro)

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